IAFLL Policy on regional conferences

One of the primary goals of IAFLL is the encouragement of meetings and seminars where topics in forensic linguistics can be discussed. As part of this commitment the IAFLL facilitates the organisation of the biennial meeting.  The IAFLL executive committee, however, wishes also to encourage further meetings, which may be smaller in scale and may be designed to attract delegates on a regional rather than a worldwide basis.

The IAFLL executive welcomes discussions with any members thinking of arranging regional meeting and can offer different types of support to such meetings. To access the IAFLL policy on regional conferences click below.

IAFLL Code of Practice 

Please note the Code is intended to serve as a guide to its members and is made public so that others may be aware of recommended standards for professional and ethical practice in forensic linguistics. As an association whose membership comprises mostly academics and whose officers are volunteers with no paid staff, IAFLL does not have enforcement capacity with respect to its Code of Practice.

To access the IAFLL Code of Practice, please click below.

Guidelines for Communication of Rights  of non Native Speakers of English in Australia, England and Wales, and the USA

The Executive unanimously supports the “Guidelines for Communication of Rights of non Native Speakers of English in Australia, England and Wales, and the USA” and will be recommending its endorsement to the IAFL membership at our next General Business Meeting.

Guidelines for the Use of Language Analysis in relation to Questions of National Origin in Refugee Cases