IAFL Officers and the Executive Committee and Regional Representatives

IAFL Officers

The Association has five Officers, each of whom is elected for a term of 2 years. The current Officers are:

President: Janet Ainsworth (Seattle University School of Law, USA)

Vice-President: Isabel Picornell (QED Forensic Linguistics, Channel Islands)

Secretary: Tammy Gales (Hofstra University, NY, USA)

Treasurer: Ria Perkins (Aston University, UK)

Publicity Officer: Rui Sousa-Silva (University of Porto, Porto, Portugal)

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for the routine day-to-day operations of the Association, as well as selecting the venue for the Biennial Conference and arranging meetings of the membership. The Executive Committee is composed of the five IAFL Officers above plus two ‘Ordinary Members’, who are elected for a term of 4 years. The current ordinary members are:

Janny Leung (University of Hong King)

Marilu R. Madrunio (University of Santo Tomas, Manila, the Philippines)

The immediate past president of the Association (currently Georgina Heydon) sits as a non-voting member of the Committee.

Past Presidents of the Association include:

Georgina Heydon (2017-2019)

Tim Grant (2015-2017)

Ed Finegan (2013-2015)

Maria Teresa Turell (2011-2013)

Ron Butters (2009-2011)

Janet Cotterill (2007-2009)

Peter Tiersma (2005-2007)

John Gibbons (2003-2005)

Lawrence Solan (1999-2003)

Diana Eades (1995-1999)

Malcolm Coulthard (1993-1995)

Details of how the Executive Committee functions and the role of the Association’s Officers can be found in the Constitution.