Student Travel Awards – 16th Biennial Conference of the International Association for Forensic and Legal Linguistics 

Student Travel Awards – 16th Biennial Conference of the International Association for Forensic and Legal Linguistics

Up to three travel awards are available for postgraduate students to present a paper at the 16th Biennial IAFLL Conference in Manila, Philippines. Each award provides a waiver of conference registration fees and reimburses reasonable travel costs up to a maximum of US $1,000.

The awards acknowledge the contributions by distinguished scholars to the understanding of forensic linguistics and language of the law and their promotion of the field. The Roger Shuy Award honours Professor Shuy for his contributions to FL scholarship and his generous founding gift of a student travel award. The Malcolm Coulthard Award honours the founding president of the then International Association of Forensic Linguists. The Teresa M. Turell Award honours the former president of the Association, and preference for the award in her honour will be given to students from Spanish-speaking or Portuguese-speaking countries.

The awards are available to postgraduate students whose paper has been accepted for presentation at the conference and who present the paper in person. Preference will be given to applicants who would otherwise find travel expenses to the conference prohibitive and provide evidence of the potential to contribute to the development and promotion of the discipline of forensic linguistics.

Each application should be in the form of a 400-500 word statement detailing the applicant’s qualifications and academic experience and addressing the criteria above. The abstract of the paper the applicant intends to present at the conference should also be appended to the email message. A single application will suffice for all the awards.

Awardees will be chosen by a committee comprising Dr Jennifer Glougie (IAFLL vice-president); Dr Sheila Queralt (IAFLL treasurer); Dr Nicci MacLeod (IAFLL Secretary); Dr Marilu Madrunio (IAFLL & conference organising committee).

The deadline for receipt of applications is 28 April 2023. Winners will be announced by 22 May 2023.

Applications should be submitted by email to Dr Nicci MacLeod: n(dot)macleod5(at)aston(dot)ac(dot)uk. All applications will be acknowledged.