Reminder – Courtroom Skills – Expert Witness Training for IAFLL Members, 3-4th October 2022

IAFLL are offering members discounted access to expert witness training delivered by Bond Solon, a leading provider of expert witness training in the UK. These virtual training courses are held on Zoom, and the cost to IAFLL members represents a saving of nearly £200.00 on Bond Solon’s normal price for public courses.

By way of introduction to Bond Solon and their approach, you can watch a short video they have produced on ‘Becoming an Expert Witness.’ It is presented by one of their barrister trainers and explores (amongst other topics): duties and responsibilities of an expert, when is it appropriate for one to become an expert, and how does one find work in this area.

The ‘Courtroom Skills’ training is running on 3rd and 4th October 2022. The details of the course are below:


Courtroom Skills

The course covers two half days:

  • 03 October 2022 9.30am – 12.45pm (UK time)
  • 04 October 2022 09.30am – 12.45pm (UK time)

£240 pp. maximum 16 delegates of which only 8 will be cross-examined.

However, the other delegates will benefit from observing the cross-examination and feedback of others.

The Witness Box is a lonely place. Many expert witnesses feel they are on trial, standing in the dock instead of giving independent testimony to assist the court. Often, experts are unfamiliar with the environment as few cases go to the full trial. But a poor performance can undermine confidence and credibility.

This course will provide expert witnesses with the core skills to effectively present opinion-based-evidence in court under cross-examination. It is an intensive and highly practical training day. First, we examine the theory, practice and procedure of giving evidence, demystifying the process. Then you are cross-examined on a case study that you prepare in your field of expertise. A professional trainer, who is an experienced lawyer, gives constructive feedback on your witness box presentation.

Key Learning Points

  • Understanding your role as an independent educator of the court
  • Identifying key skills of presenting effective evidence in-person or remotely
  • Determining techniques lawyers use in cross-examination and how to handle them, including how this may differ with remote hearings.
  • Expressing an opinion based on the foundation of fact.
  • Learning how to give confident, clear testimony under cross-examination in-person or remotel


To book your place on the course, click here.


IAFLL Executive Committee