Call for Book Chapter proposals

Language, Crime and Courts in Contemporary Africa and Beyond

Editors: Russell H. Kaschula, Monwabisi K. Ralarala (University of the Western Cape, South Africa) & Georgina Heydon (RMIT University, Australia) 

Book Series Title: Studies in Forensic Linguistics

Goal of the series 

The role of language in the legal process of establishing a just society cannot be over- emphasised, particularly in a multilingual and multicultural African context. By means of case studies, as well as through empirical research, the series therefore intends to explore issues of relevance in forensic linguistics and in language and the law. It also intends to discuss the various theoretical frameworks and methodological choices and their applicability in a variety of contexts, the benefits associated with these works, as well as the challenges that may be encountered. 

Scholars and researchers are invited to submit book chapter proposals for Volume III of the series ‘Language, Crime and Courts in Contemporary Africa and Beyond’ by 17th September 2021. In your submission of up to 1,000 words, explain your thesis and the relevance of your proposal to Volume III of the series. Your proposal should include a brief outline of your chapter (including your abstract, brief introduction, methodological and theoretical choices, as well as references). Your proposal submission should also include your name, title, institution, email address, phone number, and a brief bio (not more than 150 words).
Proposals of 1,000 words (in a WORD doc) should be submitted by 17th September 2021 and directed to: Ms Buhle Sondwana: 

September, Friday, 17th 2021 – Deadline for submission of book chapter proposals October,
Friday, 1st 2021 – Inform selected authors February,
Tuesday, 1st 2022 – Authors submit book chapters and review process begins 
May, Tuesday, 31st 2022 – Feedback on reviews and begin reworking 
June, Thursday, 30th 2022 – Submit reworked papers 
July, 31st 2022 – Submit manuscripts to AFRICAN SUN MeDIA for holistic review and final check 
September, 30th 2022 – revised manuscripts submitted to Production Editor 
Publication date: October 2022 

For more information, please contact Russell Kaschula , Monwabisi K. RalaralaGeorgina Heydon