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Does IAFL endorse local conferences?

Yes, the IAFL endorses local conferences on the theme of forensic linguistics/language and law. The most recent ones were held in Porto and Kuala Lumpur. We do not contribute to the organisation of such events directly but are happy to help plan and advertise them. To discuss details, please contact the IAFL President.

I need an expert report. Can you recommend a forensic linguist?

Although a lot of our members are practising forensic linguists with experience of legal casework, we do not provide individual recommendations.

How do I become an IAFL member?

If you would like to join IAFL, please follow the 'Join' link in the main menu above. You will be registered as an IAFL member after you have paid the subscription fee.

How can my organisation host an IAFL biennial conference?

The IAFL has held biennial conferences since 1993. They are normally organised by IAFL members who are supported by their university. If you are interested in hosting our biennial conference, please write to the IAFL President.

What is the cost of IAFL membershipr?

We have three membership rates at the moment: regular one-year ($80), student one-year ($50) and regular three-year ($210). You can pay via a PayPal account or by using a credit card.